How Google Analytics Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies.

Before describing Google Analytics, let us update you about AARRR (Framework developed by Dave McClure).

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A- Acquisition – You get visitors to your site from various channels.
A- Activation- Visitors convert into actual users.
R-Retention- Users Visit again to your site.
R-Referral- Users refer your site to their matches.
R- Revenue- Your users pay you money to use your product.

As you can think, a number of users going from the acquisition stage to the revenue stage get less and less. That is why they also call ‘Growth Funnel’.

ACQUISITION – Traffic Analysis

Traffic basically indicates a number of people visiting your website.
The quantity of traffic is just a number of people interacting with your site. But quality is how relevant this traffic are to your site. Quality Traffic should make you more activation.
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In the beginning, Check proper trackers in place.

Quantitative Perspective

Quantitative Perspective used to meassure Session, Page Views in every Session, Duration of Average Session.
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An active session = timeframe a user connected with your website.

You can set your session time to any length you want. It does not matter how many times a visitor visit your site during a session, it is counted as a single session.

Acquisition Channel

In Google Analytics, you can Check which channel drive traffic for you.
Here you can see the session-related metrics to be grouped under acquisition channel. This helps you recognize the return on your effort in appearance. you can check that your new SEO or SMO tasks are improving the traffic or not? This should help as a flag to whether you have reached your target audience.

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Qualitative perspective

Page views per session and Average Session Duration
By looking at the page view per session and the average session duration, it provides a signal on whether visitors have different needs than others.

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You should have a look on how analytics points that visitors from different channels behave differently.

ACTIVATION – Site behaviors

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Google Analytics can track the trace of your visitors. You can know that where most of the visitors travel on site and where they leave the site.
So after learning the path of visitors, you can focus on optimizing those pages, thus improving the conversion rate. you may also look into the most common path for your visitor to activate your product, for instance, the sign-up page or rate list page.

RETENTION – Cohort analysis

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Cohort analysis helps you understand how much your customers wish coming back to your website.
Cohort analysis is critical when you are trying to retain your users. It lets you know the percentage of users will use your service in the long run.

Accepting google analytics tool there are many other ways to measure the AARRR funnel but we believe Google Analytics is one of the most accurate tools to give you an impression of your funnel.

After obtaining initial learnings from Google Analytics, you may now have clue to prepare a-whole-lot of testings and changes to boost your website.

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