Free SEO Analysis Tools List For Good Results

Today I am going to share you some important SEO & SMO analyzer tools that we need ranging from keyword research, link analysis, penalty indicators and much more. Here are some of the resources that made our SEO tools list:

1. Keyword Research Tools

From the huge variety of online tools, we listed top tools here:

Google Keyword Planner – Find out the search market for practically any keyword.
Bing Keyword Research Tool – Bing’s official keyword research tool.
SEMRush – Get the top organic and paid keywords for any domain.
Ubersuggest – Generate a large list of keywords in an instant. (alternative: keyword
Google Trends – Identify keyword search trends.
Keyword Spy – Especially for PPC

2. Link Analysis Tools

Search Engine Optimisation Analysis Information Data Concept


Top backlink analysis tools:

MajesticSEO – One of the largest and most frequently updated link databases.
Open Site Explorer – Moz’s marvelous attempt at backward engineering Google’s own link algorithm.
ahrefs Tool – link analysis tool.
Cognitive SEO – Cognitive SEO’s free backlink explorer generates a quick snapshot of a domains link profile.
Open Link Profiler – Its offers all the typical features as well as their own scoring system.

3. Social Media Analysis Tools

Following these tools are very helpful for your website’s social media and search engine optimization,
ahrefs Content Explorer – See the top performing (by social shares) content on virtually any topic or see sites most socially popular posts.
Buzzsumo – Its shows most shares for any website.
Topsy – This tool spies your Twitter sharing and tells you who is sharing your URLs.
Shared Count – Tell you how many times a URL has been shared on social media.
Wildfire Social Monitor – Compare your follower growth vs. your competitors.
Followerwonk – Find and compare the influence of Twitter users.
Klout – Klout analyzes to calculate a score for your social media connections.

4. Search Engine Algorithm Changes and Penalties Analysis Tool

Algorithm Fluctuation Monitors
 MozCast
 SERP Flux
 Algoroo
Algorithm/Penalty Indicators – These tools shows major Google changes with your website appearance.
 Website Penalty Indicator
 Penalty Checker Tool
 Panguin Tool
Google Disavow Tool – This is a Google’s official tool for disavowing links from your profile.
Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool – Check to see if you may have over-optimized anchor text.



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