Best SEO Techniques that Work after Google’s New Update

Even in the past, you could comfortably obtain top rankings in the most used search engine Google search result by including rich keywords, good website structure, and high domain authority back links. Nowadays, you need to change old SEO techniques to some new SEO techniques to increase your site visibility in Google search.

1. Weekly Updates

The Google likes frequent updates and new fresh content. So to get higher rank positions, be sure to conduct weekly updates in your website. You can also add a blog section on your website to bring more viewers to your website. Refreshing your content is done to ensure long-term benefits. Change Repeated or static information it can discourage online users from visiting your website. Upgrading the website with latest infographics, fresh content, and fresh images can make your website site up-to-date and improve your SERP.
2. Alt Tags Optimization

Describing all your website site images and visuals by using correct alt tags is important. This can helps Google to find your web page. Users with text-only browsers may find your alt tag linked site very useful and informative.
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3. Mobile Friendly

The latest research of searches shows that the percentage of mobile users, who have accessed internet websites from their smartphones and tablets, are more than that of desktop users. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to local mobile searches. Making your website totally mobile friendly is also vital. Smartphone devices are a powerful ranking flag, thus improving the mobile usability of your website is important for online marketing growth and higher ranking.
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4. RankBrain Optimization

RankBrain is an algorithm learning artificial intelligence system, the use of which by Google(source:
Google processes an incredible 3 billion searches on a daily basis, and out of that 450 million searches are brand unique. You can optimize your content for RankBrain in various ways, such as creating content to answer exclusive queries that seem relevant to your site audience. Though you may have to devote quality time and research into the content formation, it can result in higher visibility and top Google search result rankings.
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5. Pay Per Click

Today mostly advertise company using PPC(Pay Per Click) for high traffic and keyword ranking. You can get to the top on SERP by paying for PPC You just require a good quality ad copy, proper landing pages, and best-rated products. You have to create an AdWords account so that your site can be seen in the ‘paid for listings’. The site may appear in the shopping segment while using the popular ‘Google Shopping Campaigns’. As a business owner, you can bid on your own products to ensure their authentic presence on the online platform.

6. Increase Domain Authority

Google stopped page rank from last year so domain authority is now in trend. Higher da shows site quality and trust. Domain Authority can be increased by creating backlinks from high da websites.


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